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4 Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Feeling Fresh

There’s just something about spring that makes us want to get organized!

We love seeing our clients take a newly constructed house and turn it into the home of their dreams. Built-ins become showpieces for treasured memories. Fireplaces become gathering points for cherished moments between families and friends. Custom cabinets are filled with grandma’s heirloom china and lunch boxes that tote healthy treats to school (and fruit snacks, who are we kidding?).

Nesting is what takes that new build and makes it feel like home. Still, it’s easy to let life take over. On busy days, we “quick clean” by shoving out-of-place items into a cabinet and forgetting about them. Forgotten items quickly lead to clutter.

We’ve all been there! Days turn into weeks, then months, and before we realize it, there is clutter everywhere. Spring is here and it’s time to clean up! With this in mind, we wanted to share some simple organizational tips to help you get on track. These are practical tips you can put to use in your own home!


1. Use baskets to group like items, but don’t get too specific.

This tip is inexpensive and instantly effective! Pick up a few inexpensive baskets from a discount store (Tuesday Morning has a ton), or even repurpose baskets you have lying around. Start with one trouble spot, working on small projects one at a time.

For example, if your child’s room has become a catch-all, designate a few baskets for similar toys: stuffed animals, blocks, cars, art supplies, etc. By selecting to a few simple categories, even the tiniest hands or the most frazzled minds can stick to an easy organizational system at the end of the day!

2. Love it or lose it.

Your bedroom should be a relaxing oasis where you can rest your head. Don’t let piles of clothes take over! Start by creating space. Take a good, hard look at your closet and drawers. It’s time to purge all those clothes that don’t fit just right, you got as a gift but don’t really like, and you are hoping will come back in style one day. It’s time to let them go. If it’s not an item you truly love and wear often, donate it. This will make room for your current clothing piling up on the chair.

3. Pantry Clean Out

Just like your closet, your pantry can easily become overrun with items that are not used often or are out of date. Take a moment to inventory the items in your pantry. Throw away items that are past their expiration date. From there, group similar items together for easier finding when it’s time to cook.

4. Make Peace With Paper

Keep counters clean by ridding your space of excess paper. Round up reference booklets, manuals that go with your appliances, and other paper items you don’t reference often, but do need to keep on hand. Scan and save these items digitally, then file the paper versions in one place. Designate one area in your home for sorting mail. Go through your mail as soon as it comes in, recycling anything you don’t need to keep. Finally, simple tools like a small filing cabinet, an accordion file folder, or even a plastic container large enough to suit your paper-organization needs can be lifesavers when it comes to collecting papers in your home.

Do you feel like you have taken all the organizational steps you can possibly take, yet clutter is still an issue? Are you simply running out of usable space? We can help! Contact us at MR Construction to learn more about how our team can help you achieve that addition to your home you have been dreaming about. Whether you are ready for a larger kitchen, a walk-in closet, or it’s time to build your custom dream home, our crew of experts is here for you. Learn more about what we do by giving us a ring at 662.816.2700 today!

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