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What is a custom home?

What is the difference in a custom-built home and a spec home or tract home?

What did we do before Pinterest? Our team loves to look to this platform for inspiration of all kinds. (Specifically the ladies of MR Construction. If the guys are pinning, they sure haven’t told us!) Social media, Pinterest specifically, can be a really fun tool. From fashion to home décor, you can get great ideas for basically anything just by looking online.

Social media can even be a great tool to help you build your dream home! Although Pinterest can help you decide what you do and don’t like, it can sometimes lead to unrealistic expectations. Most of the creative ideas we see online are completely custom jobs. If you aren’t careful, you may end up partnering with a home builder who can’t (or won’t) bring your vision to life.

What is a custom home?

A custom home allows homeowners to have more control over the final look and feel of their home. When you choose to build a custom home, you are choosing to build a house that is one-of-a-kind, built specifically to suit your tastes and geographical location.

What is a spec house?

A “spec” house is a speculative home that is complete (or nearly complete) before it is sold. Although most spec houses are high quality and easy on the eyes, very little customization is involved. The pros decide which combination of materials and layout works best for the space. Spec homes are a popular choice among buyers who are looking for something move-in ready on a short time frame.

What is a tract house?

Tract houses are homes that are similar in style and floor plan to other homes in the same development. Tract homes are generally less expensive to build, and help cut down on the decision-making process for those who are uninterested in that part of home building.


While all of these options have their pros and cons, when it comes to building your dream home, there’s no question about it: A custom home is the way to go.

Ready to build your custom dream home near Oxford, MS? Look no further than our experienced construction team at MR Construction! Need to see it to believe it? Keep scrolling to see details on a beautiful custom home we recently helped with in Lafayette County.

This home is a show-stopper as soon as you walk in the door. From the custom bayed entrance and concrete floors, to the beautiful honey-almond beams that adorn the vaulted ceiling, this open space is impressive without being overbearing.

The custom triangle windows above the kitchen allow for even more natural light to flood the space.

A fireplace lends a cozy touch to any room. This homeowner opted to install beautiful shiplap fireplaces in both the living area and master bedroom!

We saved the best for last. Wow! Just look at the gorgeous custom bathroom! When the homeowner stumbled upon the window over the tub at an antique shop, she just knew she had to have it. In its former life, this beauty served as the transit above the door of an antebellum home in Trenton County, Tennessee. It now serves as the cherry on top of a luxurious and relaxing bathroom. (Did we mention there’s also a shower spa?)

Here at MR Construction in Oxford, MS, we are passionate about providing clients with high quality work that captures their vision. We want you to feel totally at home in your space when we leave. That means things look fantastic, the workmanship is top-notch and the work site is clean and orderly.

Are you ready to take the leap? Let us help you plan your dream home! Call MR Construction at 662.816.2700 or contact us online to learn more about what our team can do for you!

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